The Spectacular le Calps Invites Connection with Nature, Adventure Sport, Silence and Geologic History Exploration

Pristine, picturesque, remote and yet reachable, as it is situated a mere 2 km from the village of Luc-en-Diois, Le Clap du Luc presents a dramatic landslide of hardened, scalable cliff, boasting curving igneous rock you can depend upon, reaching up to the heavens from the Drôme River in a vast and inviting territory to explore and ascend – for every climber, hiker, biker, and nature enthusiast out there. Make this your next holiday destination, and join the privileged few who get to experience it all.

A word on this region’s centuries-old geologic history

It was rather dramatic in 1442, when a piece of Tithonic limestone at the base of the rising beacon broke away – literally clapped – from the southern flank of the Pic de Luc. As the relatively small piece slid, its effect was rather massive, and to our tremendous benefit. It hit a long gently-sloping swathe of land, known as a spur, and split it, through the middle, breaking it into huge sections, which ultimately blocked the Drôme at two points, thereby forming two lakes… From this breath of geologic magic, and following the formation of the two lakes, came the growth of plush vegetation to the site, and 350 years later a dry natural space was left in its wake…the perfect place to find anchor, the ideal sanctuary for every ambitious, inspired nature adventurer: the Petit downstream and the Grand upstream.

The “Grand Lac” is 5 km long and stirs envy as it is full of fish and other wildlife. In 1561 it thus became the property of the Carthusians of Durban – monks to whom meat was forbidden.
It was not until 1804 that a huge block, the “papa”, was pierced to let the waters flow in rhythmic sound, to where the current Saut de la Drôme remains on grand display. This vast dry ‘body of water’ now gives way to an agricultural plain (the Bouligons farm in ruins and its formerly cultivated terraces) and the Bouligons marsh, the last vestige of the disappeared lake.

The need to avoid Le Claps during the construction of the Briançonnais railway line at the beginning of the 20th century also gave the site a magnificent viaduct, 244 m long and 44 m high.

Any adventure you might fancy, easily within fun & conquerable reach!

A climb for every level; beginners welcome, the more advanced – have a go! If you’re used to rugged terrain within a breathtaking landscape, you will be in your element. You might be surprised by the enormity of the challenge, but you can tackle variations of the climb once you’ve mastered a route or two. You will certainly be stunned by the incredible natural beauty of this paradise. Read: this is your dream getaway.

Le Claps de Luc-en-Diois / Stroll in the Drôme

Le Claps is a classified site that can also be reached on foot. A great leisurely option is a short hike that originates near the village swimming pool, in front of which it is easy to park. Beyond the walnut and lavender fields, the walking path follows the river upstream.

Once you’re there, the possibilities are limitless. Swimming holes abound, as do hiking and biking trails, and dozens of popular rock climbs to suite every level, every curiosity. The same is true of the nearby Via Ferrata.

Le Claps is a phenomenal rocky chaos crossed by the Drôme. The connection point forms an astonishing site, perfect as the landscape & challenge for your next rugged, free, inspired holiday.

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