Viarhôna in the Drôme

While staying at the campsite, you will be able to make a number of memorable forays into Drome. Enjoy its splendid landscapes, while cycling through Viarhôna. Here, you’ll have some unforgettable bike rides along the Rhône.

The Viarhôna, the ideal cycle route for visiting the Drôme

The Viarhôna is a signposted cycle route between Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean. As part of the Eurovélo17 cycling network, it crosses three regions and a dozen departments along the banks of the Rhône, sometimes on the right bank, sometimes on the left bank, and mainly through old towpaths. Reaching the total length of 815 km, the Viarhôna is divided into 21 segments ranging between 27 and 40 km. It is perfect for exploring the Drôme, which is approximately located in the middle of the route. The Viarhôna route in the Drôme covers approximately 67 km, including 52 km on the greenway and 15 km on the cycle route. It is accessible not only to cyclists, but also to athletes and pedestrians. The cycling facilities are suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Sablons to Tournon-sur-Rhône via Saint-Vallier and Tain-Hermitage

Discover a landscape of terraced vines and orchards. On the Drôme side, narrow roads will take you from Saint-Vallier to Tain-l’Hermitage . Once at your destination, in Tain-Hermitage, do not miss the Cité du Chocolat Valrhôna before hitting the way along the river.

Tournon-sur-Rhône to Valence via La Roche-de-Glun

The route takes you through the greenest parts of the region. You can join the Isère valley greenway, which begins at Pont de l’Isère and takes you to Valence, with its vibrant Provencal culture, colourful local markets and charming gardens.

Valence to Pouzin via Livron-sur-Drôme and Allex

Leave Valence, taking a green lane. Take to the Pont des Lônes, south of the Port de l’Epervière, for a ride that takes you to the road and through the greenway. The rest of the route runs along the right bank of the Rhône, but you can reach the Drôme valley at Livron-sur-Drôme and visit the Printegarde nature reserve before continuing to Allex.

Le Pouzin in Châteauneuf-du-Rhône via Saulce-sur-Rhône and Montélimar

Cycle through a bucolic landscape and switch to Saulce-sur-Rhône to get on a marked route . Keep to small roads until you have reached the Rochemaure bridge. In Montélimar, explore the Adhémar castle, visit the nougat museum and the Palace of sweets.

From Châteauneuf-du-Rhône to Pierrelatte through Donzère

Once in Donzère, you can visit the Provencal museum of popular arts, crafts and traditions as well as the Friends of Old Donzère museum. Get on the Robinet bridge and continue  towards Pierrelatte with its famous crocodile farm.