Nature brings us closer together

It is finally time to spend time together.
Nature (trees and flowers) brings people together and back to what matters most: sharing simple pleasures.

With family

It has this unique power to soothe you and help you focus more on your surroundings. At Les Bastets, you will savor the family-friendly atmosphere and you will feel the affection of your loved ones as you make memories together:

  • during meals together, relaxing on the patio
  • at family karaoke night where parents admire their children on the mic
  • during football tournaments where Dad has fun playing with, or against, the kids
  • on the benches at the playground, watching your children radiate joy as they play.


Take advantage of nature for a romantic giveaway, revitalizing your relationship.

Forget the human fortress and the noise of the city, choose a getaway in nature and enjoy your freedom together.

Here the surrounding peace, calm and beauty will help you connect emotionally and listen to each other. The world stops and you enjoy your relationship, more attentive to your needs and those of your partner.

Nature here envelops you and encourages you to really talk to each other, to have deep conversations and get to know each other better. To really share deeper parts of yourself.
And in the evening, as you relax on the deck, amazed by this beautiful landscape, you hear the wind in the leaves, the rustling of the trees, the singing of the night birds and you feel at peace.

With friends

At Les Bastets, quiet nature will delight you, regenerate you and leave you feeling like new. What could be better than enjoying nature with friends? The simplest pleasures are always the best: wild, friendly games of petanque, a cocktail with friends on the patio with a beautiful view, taking walks…

All of these outdoor activities in nature are an opportunity to get closer together and take the time to talk, without constantly being in the rush of everyday life.

Remember when you were students and you used to meet at each other’s houses to spend time together? Now, you have a family and children… and you want to be outside, in the fresh air… at our campsite, where nature brings you closer together.

Go on a ride with your buddies while the moms get their tans on, while keeping a watchful eye on the kids jumping on the trampoline.
Or vice versa, there is something for everyone. Moms will visit our beautiful Provençal markets while dads play mini-golf with the kids.

At lunchtime, everyone meets at the grill. What a joy for us to see these large tables with everyone happy to share such precious moments.

Activities and rentals at our campsite