Discovering Drôme On A Bike

Hardly anything is more exciting and enjoyable than getting through Drôme by bike. The department offers 2,600 km of bike routes (including 88 passes for cyclo-climbers), 3,500 km of mountain bike circuits (Les Chemins du Soleil), in addition to that, Drôme has about 70 service providers labeled “Accueil Vélo”.  The label “Accueil Vélo” was introduced to promote and encourage the develop of bike tourism in France. It marks establishments that offer help and support to cyclists. In Drôme, numerous accommodation providers, bicycle rental companies, tourist offices and places of interest are committed to providing services to cycling tourists. It’s not for nothing that in 2017 Drôme was named the destination for biking. Drôme is widely known for its picturesque biking routes that offer opportunity for discovering the department at your own pace, and here we offer you our best bike tours.


ViaRhôna is one of the best-known cycle routes in Drôme. It connects Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean region. Running along the Rhône it switches from the river’s left bank to the right bank offering breathtaking views of the valley landscapes. The ViaRhôna truly promises an unforgettable experience in Drôme: the route takes you through 3 regions (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, South Region and Occitania), 12 counties and 10 protected natural reserves. It gives you a chance to enjoy the alpine panoramas and views over the fields of lavender. The route has something to offer to culture enthusiasts and bon vivants alike: it runs through the culturally rich Lyon, Avignon and Arle, while also featuring the department’s famous vineyards and about 40 Michelin restaurants on the way.

The Velodrôme

From ViaRhôna you can turn onto the 40-km Velodrôme route that follows the small paths and municipal roads of the lower Drôme valley, one of the few wild river valleys in Europe. On the way, you can stop at the Ramières natural reserve, cross the fruit orchards and the slopes of the Brézème vineyards (AOC Côte du Rhône.), the first vineyards and cellar of the sparkling Clairette de Die (AOC). One of the main advantages of this route is the proximity of the river at all times: stop any time for a swimming break.

The Chemins du Soleil (The sun’s paths)

To enjoy Drôme’s magnificent nature embark on one of the two routes offered by the Chemins du Soleil: from the Rhône valley to the Southern Alps and from the Vercors to Provence. Approved by the French Cycling Federation (FFC), this mountain bike hike usually takes between 5 to 7 days. The routes might seem challenging, but don’t let it to discourage you. Along the biking paths, you will have multiple opportunities to stop and relax – the routes offer an opportunity to discover the mountain areas at a comfortable pace.

Apart from the long and best-known bike tours, in Drôme you can opt for cycling through vineyards, following the paths of Huguenots, discovering the valley of the Isère river, or biking around Montelimar.

To find out more about the available tours through Drôme according to your interests visit this page offering a profound overview of tours and itineraries for cyclists: