Visit the legendary Scourtinerie workshop

History of the Scourtinerie and scourtin

Created in 1882, the Scourtinerie is located in Nyons in the Drôme. It was founded by the Fert family, and has been run by them for generations. The buildings used to accommodate a silk factory. The forge is now used to store various tools, while the smother, formerly used for for smothering cocoons, is currently employed to dye mats. The square hosts trellises are where the weavings are put to dry. At the heart of the workshop, stands a loom wheel from the end of the 19th century. In 1956, the Scourtinerie almost went bankrupt following a meteorological hazard. The company founder then came up with the idea of dyeing the coir cords and diverting the use of scourtins, originally used to extract oil in mills, into decorative items for the home.

Workshop visit

Here, you will see 11 machines developed by the Fert family. Still functioning, the oldest ones date back to 1900, while the most recent ones were made in the 1960s. Connected to each other by belts, until 1954, the machines were powered by the water, diverted from the river. Today, four craftsmen work daily in the workshop, creating the scourtins by hand. The fibers are dyed, hung outside to dry, and then stored in an annex to the workshop. At the heart of the factory, you will see how the skeins of coconut are wound and how the needles are installed and then removed once the warp thread is in place. You will also discover how the scourtins are woven, using plain or variegated techniques. Then they are either shipped to the four corners of the world or sold in the Scourtinerie’s own shop.

The Scourtinerie shop

Here you can find a wide variety of scourtins, regional products as well as handicrafts from South India. The Scourtinerie works in collaboration with various Indian associations where it buys cotton duvets, lace bags, and printed table linen. It offers three types of scourtins: ornamental, filters and shades. Among the decorative mats, you will find trivets, rugs of all sizes, placemats as well as baskets. The scourtins intended for the drainage of wine or olive oil are either flat, pocket-sized or designed for super presses. Thirteen models of made-to-measure shades are offered here..

The boutique is open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. (6.30 p.m. in summer).

Do you want to get a scourtin as a unique holiday souvenir? Located just 51 km away, Les Bastets campsite is well-placed for a visit to the workshop and shop.