Visit Montbrun

Welcome to Montbrun, one of the oldest and mst picturesque villages of Drôme Provençale, located a few kilometres away from the camping site in Drôme.

The history of Montbrun

The history of the village dates back to the Roman times, and it is first mentioned in the 13th century. At that time, Montbrun belonged to different families, before coming into the ownership of the Dauphins, who got rid of it shortly afterwards. In 1780, Montbrun became the capital of a canton in the district of Buis. Today, Montbrun belongs to Communes of Baronnies in Drôme Provençale.

Located on a rocky mountain, the village consists of tall houses, topped with ocher-hued tiles. The view is dominated by the ruins of a castle which was built in the Renaissance times and of which only a few towers remain. The belfry and the watchtower, constructed in the 13th century, are some of the local landmarks.

Montbrun, a spa resort

Montbrun’s sloping streets are punctuated by fountains. They are a reminder that Montbrun-les-Bains is a renowned spa resort, recognized since Roman times for its healing sulphurous waters, used to treat rheumatism and respiratory diseases.

The thermal establishment, a contemporary building, built with respect for an exceptional site, can accommodate spa guests and fitness enthusiasts in a unique and very comfortable setting.

Here, you can also enjoy the outdoor spa with an exceptional view of Mont Ventoux.

What to do in Montbrun?

Discover the local Provençal-style villages. Stroll through the cobbled streets of Reilhanette, discover the charming Mévouillon and the village of Barret-de-Lioure with its small cobbled streets, its church and its view of the Anary valley.

Make a trip to the magnificent Château d’Aulan.

Try hiking, mountain biking or cycling. The village is traversed with hiking routes. Set out to to discover the beautiful landscapes and the scents that inhabit them. You can request to be accompanied by a guide. The region also has a number of mountain bike circuits, including the exciting Hautes Baronnies cycling circuit.

Montbrun and its surroundings also offer incredible views of Provence. Here, you can try paragliding for breathtaking views of the valley and mountains.