If you’re preparing for an epic and unforgettable camping trip in the Drôme with your kids, there’s plenty of fun activities you can experience and discover as a family. In fact, this list of 10 kid-friendly excursions are perfect opportunities to enhance your itinerary and whisk the whole family away on an adventure for the day when you visit the Drôme…


Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace

This architectural masterpiece is a castle that was built by a single man from 1879 to 1912. While in the Drôme, it continues to be one of its most popular, must-see spots. Fascinating, magical, and dreamlike, it’s design and atmosphere will mesmerize the whole family — including your teens.The Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace is located in Hauterives, just over an hour from the Les Bastets campsite.


The Crocodile Farm

Next up on our list is the Crocodile Farm, a zoological park located in Pierrelatte, about 43 kilometers from Marsanne. Of course, the main attraction for kids is the 9 species of crocodilians. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to visit and discover other species of reptiles, birds, and fish, as well as tropical plants and trees.

The city of chocolate

Got a sweet tooth? Then you’re sure to enjoy little treat of a city. Located in the Rhône Valley, in Tain-l’Hermitage, the city of chocolate is a unique site entirely dedicated to Valrhona chocolate. Children will enjoy learning all about chocolate through an interactive tour with tasting. This “gourmet” experience is so much better than a restaurant and your family will love immersing themselves into a day-long dive of a truly delicious site on their camping holidays in the Drôme.

“La forêt de Robin” (Robin’s Forest)

If adventure, thrills and games are more your family’s style of activities, “La forêt de Robin” is the site for you. This tree climbing park is perfect for the whole family and is aptly located in a forest just 10 minutes from Les Bastets campsite. Young and old alike can discover the adventurous child within themselves, exploring along 15 courses of different levels, and finishing the day off with a swim in the nearby lake.

Prehistoric cave of Thaïs

For children, exploring a cave is a next-level adventure full of mystery, excitement, and imagination. The Thaïs cave is probably the Drôme’s most beautiful but it’s also the ideal spot to visit with the whole family. Rather than read about it, why not visit the real thing? There is plenty of evidence of prehistoric activity still well-preserved, so don’t miss this one! The Thaïs cave is located in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, just one hour north of Marsanne.

Royans-Vercors Wheel Boat

Very close to the Thaïs cave, the Bateau à Roue gives families with children an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful stroll along the water after their deep, dark cave adventures. The cruise also gives you the opportunity to experience the majesty and design of some architectural buildings seen from the water and to enjoy the superb landscapes of the Vercors in a unique boat.

The Nougat Museum

Located at the home of artist-confectioner Arnaud Soubeyran in Montélimar, the Nougat Museum is one of those places not to be missed during your camping stay in the Drôme. While adults will enjoy learning more about the history and design of nougat, children will discover the world of nougat through games — and everyone will love leaving with a tasting bag.

Upie Zoo

Just 30 minutes from Les Bastets campsite, the Upie Zoo offers a real world tour of a whopping 149 species of birds. From herons to macaws and owls to falcons, the visit to the Jardin aux Oiseaux promises to be vibrant and engaging, rich in color and emotion. After all, there’s a reason why it’s one of the Drôme’s most visited spots.

The Baronies of Provence

The Baronnies Provençales Regional Natural Park offers an experience of untouched nature. It’s engaging hikes and breathtaking views make it the perfect place for your family to explore, either on or by bike. In addition to its landscapes, the park offers a variety of fun activities like rock climbing. You can also visit a few beautiful hilltop villages, rich in history. The best place for a day trip!

The tower of Crest

If your children are passionate about knights, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Crest tower during your camping holiday in the Drôme. This imposing medieval dungeon, the highest in France, is an invitation to travel back in time with the help of its interactive animations. The Crest tower, located 21 kilometres from Marsanne, also offers an exceptional panorama that makes the climb to its summit well worth the effort!