Visit Safaripark de Peaugres

In the heart of the Ardèche in France, you will find the Peaugres Safari Park – near Annonay and Saint-Etienne. Located an hour and ten minutes’ drive from Camping Les Bastets, this large 80-hectare zoo gets good reviews and is more than worth visiting with children. Meet different animals from four continents: on foot or on safari by car.

History of Safaripark de Peaugres

Safaripark de Peaugres is a private park with animals in France that officially opened in 1974. In that year, Count Paul de la Panouse opened the so-called Peaugres safari in northern Ardeche. At the time, only the car park and the vivarium with some animals existed. It took another year, in 1975, until the walking park opened its doors. Every year thereafter, a number of new elements were added to the park: from the construction of the sea lion pond to the development of the zoo’s park shop.

In the beginning, you could choose to enter the safari park only on foot or only by car, but since 2007 there has been one ticket to access both sections. There are now more than 900 animals from various continents on display, living in specially designed enclosures to keep them as close to their natural habitat as possible. The Safaripark de Peaugres is 80 hectares that is leased from the Ardèche department in France. As such, the zoo runs entirely on entrance fees and proceeds from catering and souvenir shops.

Explore the park on foot or in the car safari

What makes this animal park so unique is that you can drive through part of the park in your own car, camper van or bus. Here you will discover various species such as the wild animals of Africa and the Americas in complete safety. Think rhinos, elephants, hippos and giraffes, but also black bears and large numbers of bison! On average, it takes you an hour to explore these two continents.

Of course, a walk through the safari park is also recommended. Walk across the footbridge near the giraffes, walk under the tigers in a glass walkway, enjoy 600m2 of water playground and come face to face with seals. Be on time at the feeding times and also enjoy some food yourself in the park. Both children and adults will have a great day here among the zoo animals. The park in the Ardèche doesn’t get good reviews for nothing!

Practical information about Safaripark de Peaugres

You can buy your safari park tickets online with a discount. Visitors aged 13 and over pay €26.50 for a ticket without a date; for children, the price is €22. If you choose a ticket by date and buy that ticket at least 7 days before your visit, you pay €23.90. Such a ticket for children between 3 and 12 years old costs €19.50. Buying tickets on the spot is slightly more expensive: adult visitors pay €27.90 and children’s tickets cost €23.50. Disabled visitors get a discount and pay €21 for a ticket online and on-site is €22.

If you come with a family with three children, it is recommended to buy a family ticket online for €102.80 (2 adults, 3 children). It is also possible to buy tickets for 2 days and stay one night near the park in a hotel or at a campsite. Good to know: opening hours vary depending on the season. In high season, the animal park is open between 9:30am and 6:30pm (the car safari until 5:30pm). At weekends, everything is open half an hour longer. The distance between Les Bastets campsite and the park is 105 kilometres, taking about an hour and 12 minutes.