Drôme Provençale Olive Oil

Ahh Provence! This magnificent region is home to so many beautiful towns. Visitors love the Saint-May Gorges and the exceptional olive oils in Nyons. In fact, Nyons AOP olive oils are among the best products in France. Why not make the most of your stay at Les Bastets campsite and taste the famous Drôme Provençale olive oil?

About the Famous Nyons Olive Oil

Welcome to the north of Provence! Nyons and the Baronnies provençales, home of the olive tree. Tanche olives are grown on this exceptional land, a species found nowhere else in the world. Dark and wrinkled, they are just as delicious in oils as they are in sweets. For now, we’ll take you on a tour of the famous Nyons AOP olive oils.

A Little History

The love affair between Nyons AOP olive oil and the Drôme provençale goes back over 2,000 years. But everything changed in 1956 when a severe frost decimated half the orchards. Fortunately, olive-growing soon resumed in the region (1957). In 1968, Drôme provençale olive oil was awarded the Protected Appellation of Origin (AOP), followed by the Controlled Appellation of Origin (AOC) in 1994.

An Exquisite Taste

Nyons AOP olive oil has an extremely mild, fruity taste. It reveals aromas of herbs, almonds, butter and apple, with spicy tones and a slight hint of bitterness on the finish… This unique flavour comes from the endemic olives of the Drôme provençale. No wonder Nyons AOP olive oil is one of the best in France!

An Exceptional Land

Are you planning to visit the Drôme provençale? Make Nyons one of your must-see destinations! This pretty green town hides a real treasure: Tanche olives, source of the famous Nyons AOP olive oil.
The Nyons AOP covers a very specific area, encompassing the Drôme and Haute-Provence regions. The production area is characterised by rugged terrain, south-easterly exposure, an average altitude of 400 metres and a Mediterranean climate. All of these conditions are required to grow Tanche olives.
An Oil Like No Other
Certified organic Drôme provençale olive oil has its own unique characteristics. When they reach maturity, Tanche olives are harvested by hand and delivered to the mill. This is where the magic happens, using mechanical pressing without heating. Then, to preserve the flavour of the olives, they are stored in stainless steel vats.
The result is a gourmet olive oil, rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids… And there’s something for everyone: AOP Provence extra virgin olive oil, AOP Vallée de Baux extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted olive oil, and more.
The icing on the cake is that Nyons AOP organic olive oil goes well with practically all wines (red, rosé, white, etc.) and all dishes (salads, soups, sautéed vegetables, grilled meats, etc.). This makes it an essential condiment in the kitchen.

Visit the Olive Oil Mill: An Immersive Experience

During a visit to the Nyons olive oil mill, you can taste AOP olive oil, jewel of Provence! For just 3.5 euros/person, come and discover this unique tradition of the Drôme provençale: production of Nyons Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At the end of your visit, don’t forget to stop at the shop and stock up on local products. The famous Drôme Provençale olive oil awaits you!