Canoeing on the Drôme

The Drôme is a multi-faceted region. It is home to one of France’s wildest tributaries, from which it takes its name: the Drôme. Although there are many activities to enjoy on the river, canoeing on the Drôme is a must during your stay at our campsite in the Drôme.

The River Drôme, A Canoeing Paradise

The River Drôme in France is perfect for a canoeing adventure. The river connects southern Vercors to Provence, from its source at the Col de Carabes until it flows into the Rhône in Loriol-sur-Drôme. The Drôme is renowned as a natural river with crystal-clear, bluish waters.

Kayaking and canoeing on the Drôme is an exciting adventure, as there are no obstacles such as dams. Although the water level changes depending on rain and snowfall, the Drôme has an average flow of 10 to 15 m³. This means that you can enjoy the river even during your summer camping trip. There are a variety of routes ranging from calm sections to more technical and fast sections. The river is perfect for both beginners and advanced kayakers. 

You will long remember your kayak trip down the Drôme River in the midst of lush nature. You can admire the Vercors cliffs, lavender fields and traditional Provencal villages along the way. The Drôme is ideal for a variety of whitewater activities with friends or family, including children.  

Ideas for Canoeing on the Drôme

One of the advantages of canoeing on the Drôme is that there are routes for every taste. 

Routes for Children and Families

Are you ready to show your child over the age of 6 how wonderful it is to canoe down the Drôme? Get in touch with a kayak rental centre near our campsite to head out on a great adventure, or book online with a local professional. Options for a trip with your children include the 3-km route from Saillans to Les Plots and the half-day route from Espenel to Saillans. 

Would you like to take your little tribe on a trip down the Drôme? You can choose between the route from Les Plots to Aouste-sur-Sye, the route from Saillans to Aouste-sur-Sye and the route starting at Griotte Bridge from Die to Sainte-Croix. These routes are perfect for a leisurely summer’s day trip along the water. 

Athletic and Technical Routes

For a more technically challenging canoe trip, the Drôme offers several options. One of the best-known is the 27-km route from Die to Saillans. To make the most of local attractions such as the Ramières Nature Reserve and Diois Vineyards, book a kayaking day trip online. There’s also the 33-km route from Quart Bridge to Saillans, with a some rapids. For a more thrilling experience, choose the descent from Quart Bridge to Crest. 

Have you booked your mobile home rental in the Drôme? Plan your family canoe trip now!