Animals parks to discover in Drôme

Enjoy a family adventure during your vacation at our 4-star campsite in Drôme Provençale, exploring the animal parks of Drôme, where biodiversity reigns and discoveries await around every corner. As a welcoming land for multiple species, from the smallest insect to majestic birds of prey, Drôme invites you to a series of astonishing encounters. Educational, entertaining, and often interactive, these animal sanctuaries are oases of knowledge where every family member will find their happiness. Discover these places where nature conservation is the priority, for an unforgettable adventure close to the animals.

Découvrez les parcs animaliers de la Drôme

The must-visit animal parks in Drôme

Discover the animal parks in Drôme, an experience that takes both young and old on the trails of the diverse and fascinating wildlife of this region. Let yourself be amazed by the Upie Zoo, known as the Bird Garden, which houses a multitude of bird species ranging from flamingos to exotic parrots. In the family-friendly environment offered by this site, each visit becomes an opportunity to learn while marveling. Not far from Valence, the Saint-Martin animal park welcomes nature enthusiasts for a day of discovery among goats, sheep, and other farm animals, ideal for an educational outing

Educational Adventures: Educational Paths Not to Be Missed in Drôme

Education is at the heart of the concerns of animal parks in Drôme. Discover the animal parks in Drôme through courses that combine games and knowledge acquisition. The Crocodile Farm in Pierrelatte is a must-visit: it offers workshops to learn everything about these prehistoric reptiles. Passionate guides introduce children to the mysteries of biodiversity through fun and interactive activities.

  • The Crocodile Farm: an immersion in the life of reptiles along thematic trails.
  • The Peaugres Safari: an adventure that allows you to observe lions, giraffes, and rhinoceroses up close.
  • The Courzieu Park: a place where raptors and wolves become the heroes of a fascinating learning experience.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, these expeditions become moments of sharing and discovery, where each family member leaves enriched with knowledge about local and exotic wildlife.

Faites le Safari de Peaugre, le parc animalier en Drôme

Observing, touching, understanding: interactive experiences with wildlife in Drôme

Drôme offers a total immersion into the animal kingdom. At the Upie Zoo, free-flight shows are experiences where one can feel the brush of feathers. Children are often invited to participate and form a bond with the animals. These close-up experiences encourage a profound respect for nature. Discover the animal parks in Drôme and take part in interactive activities, such as feeding workshops or one-on-one encounters with animals at Les Charmes de l’Herbasse. These moments of camaraderie transform into unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages.

Protecting while having fun: initiatives of animal parks for biodiversity

Responsible tourism is a value advocated by animal parks in Drôme. Conservation initiatives for species, breeding programs, or reforestation, each animal park is committed to the future of our planet. The Crocodile Farm, for example, is involved in the preservation of endangered species and raises public awareness about the fragility of ecosystems. Discover the animal parks in Drôme and their active role in biodiversity protection while having fun through educational and playful activities, awakening the spirit of conservation among young visitors.

Memories of a magical day: how animal parks in Drôme enchant both young and old

A visit to one of the animal parks in Drôme is an opportunity to share special moments while educating about the importance of nature and animals. Play areas, shows, and shaded picnic areas allow for a combination of relaxation and learning. Discover the animal parks in Drôme and create your own memories: an emotional encounter with the wolves at the Courzieu animal park or an afternoon of adventure at the Peaugres Safari, each moment spent is a promise of wonder and discovery.

Explorez les parcs animaliers de la Drôme avec vos enfants

Precious ecosystems: environmental preservation at the heart of Drôme’s parks

The animal parks in Drôme are true ecological sanctuaries where the protection and respect of animals are essential. These green spaces contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity and the environmental education of their visitors. Venturing into the Ardèche Gorges or within the Drôme Park, you will discover preserved ecosystems and programs dedicated to the survival of endangered species. Continuous efforts are made to maintain these havens of peace, where flora and fauna flourish, offering visitors a rich and varied natural spectacle. Discover the animal parks in Drôme, places where each species finds refuge and where each visit contributes to awareness for a greener future.