The village of Soyans

Are you looking for a cultural holiday during your camping stay in the Drôme? Then don’t miss out on visiting the most beautiful villages in this part of France.

Among the must-sees: the village of Soyans, near Saint-Gervais-sur-Roubion, which captivates with its castle and magnificent panoramas over the landscapes of the Drôme.

Visiter Soyans

A peaceful village in the heart of the Drôme

Nestled in the heart of a region rich in history and greenery, the village of Soyans reveals itself as a rare gem of rural tourism. This small Drôme village, rich in history, invites its visitors on a journey through time through its narrow streets and stone buildings.

Located in a natural setting of great beauty, the small commune of Soyans is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, where mountains and rivers meet for the delight of nature lovers.

The peaceful atmosphere of the village of Soyans is an invitation to relax and discover the hidden treasures of the Drôme.

Visiting Soyans: a charming historical heritage

The castle of Soyans

Visiting Soyans means starting by going to its castle. The village of Soyans is indeed famous for its castle. The ruins of this medieval castle, proudly perched on a rocky spur, offer a splendid panorama over the valley and testify to the strategic importance of the village of Soyans in the Middle Ages.

Built in the 12th century, the castle of Soyans was the seat of the local lordship, playing a strategic role in the defense of the territory. Over the centuries, it has witnessed many battles and transformations, reflecting the architectural and military evolution of the time.

Despite its partial ruin, due to time and neglect, the castle of Soyans retains an aura of mystery and grandeur. It is a testament to the prestigious past of this small Drôme commune.

Visiter Soyans

The Saint-Marcel church

The Saint-Marcel church in Soyans is a gem of Romanesque architecture dating from the 12th century. Nestled in the heart of the village, this church stands out for its sober elegance and clean lines, characteristic of Romanesque art.

With its pointed bell tower and its ancient stone walls, the church of Soyans embodies the spirituality and history of this Drôme community. Inside, the church houses frescoes and sculptures of great finesse, witnesses of the rich religious and artistic heritage of the village of Soyans.

The Saint-Marcel church remains a place of reflection and celebration, reflecting the continuity of spiritual traditions in Soyans.

The best activities in Soyans

Are you a fan of nature, history, and outdoor activities? Then welcome to Soyans!

The stream that runs through Soyans is a popular spot for quiet walks along the water. You will love strolling there and enjoying the calm and natural beauty of the place. Do you like fishing? This stream is also perfect for practicing this activity.

In terms of walks, do not miss the Les Trois Croix hike. It is a splendid and accessible hike for everyone. The route gets its name from the three crosses located at different strategic points of the hike, each offering a unique view of the village of Soyans, the surrounding valleys, and sometimes, on clear days, the pre-Alps.

Finally, golf enthusiasts will be delighted in Soyans. This small commune indeed offers a course that will appeal to both beginners and experienced golfers. This course, harmoniously integrated into the local landscape, offers not only a sporting challenge but also a unique experience of playing in the midst of preserved nature, with breathtaking views of the surrounding Drôme landscape.