Explore the Drôme on Horseback

The Drôme, next to the Ardèche in Provence, is a very attractive holiday destination. Horseback riding is one of the best ways for families to explore the area. There are many options for horseback riding and trail riding from our Les Bastets campsite in the Drôme provençale to suit all tastes. Book your horseback ride in the Drôme !

A Ride Through the Lavender Fields to Stimulate the Senses

From mid-June to the end of July, the lavender fields are in bloom, offering an incredible spectacle to stimulate the senses in many parts of Provence. You can have a magical experience surrounded by lavender fields while riding a horse or pony in the Drôme. Dive into all that violet with your mount and let the sweet scent of the flowers envelop you. Chances are you’ll fall in love with the region when you go riding in such a unique landscape.

Corambé is an equestrian tourism centre located in the lavender fields of the Drôme, just thirty minutes from your mobile home rental in the Drôme.

Donkey Rides: A Favourite Among Children

Are you on holiday in the Drôme with your kids? Why not try a donkey ride instead of horseback riding? Smaller than a horse and calm by nature, the donkey is a friendly animal that makes an ideal mount for children.

The donkey trails can take you on a half-day tour of the area around the village of Saoû with the Vercors in the background, for example. If you have enough time, you can extend your activities over 2 days. You can choose between guided rides with the riding centre or solo rides.

A Peaceful Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage or Wagon through the Countryside

For some, traditional horseback riding is old news. If that’s the case, try taking a ride in a wagon or horse-drawn carriage. This is another attractive option for your holiday near the Ardèche with your children. It’s a passive, peaceful activity that encourages contemplation.

Make yourself comfortable on the seats of your horse-drawn carriage or wagon and let the horses take you through the narrow paths and meadows.

To find out more about horse-drawn carriages and wagons in the Drôme, you can visit Attelages de Grignan, an estate around thirty minutes from Les Bastets campsite.

Discover the Beauty of the Vercors Regional Park on Horseback

Want to explore the gorgeous Drôme a different way? Take a horse or pony ride through the mountains of the Vercors Regional Park. You’ll be immersed in nature, discovering a wealth of wild flora and fauna in a protected area, and enjoying unparalleled views of the surrounding countryside.

Equestrian tourism on the Vercors high plateaux promises great moments to be shared with other riders. Your adventure will take you through small rolling meadows, equestrian cottages, forests, herds of cattle, and more. Randocheval is a well-known horseback riding centre in the region.

Horseback riding in the Drôme: a must for every stay in the region!