Boat in the Drôme

The Drôme is a department far from the coast. However, this region of France still offers a unique nautical experience thanks to the diversity of its waterways. Renowned for its natural beauty and varied landscapes, the Drôme attracts water sports enthusiasts. So, during your stay at our campsite in the Drôme, plan a family boat ride!

Bateau dans la Drôme



The rivers and streams in the Drôme

The Drôme is abundant with beautifully picturesque waterways, perfect for a variety of water activities. Among the most notable is the Drôme River itself, which traverses the region, offering splendid landscapes and ideal waters for whitewater sports. The Gorges de la Drôme, particularly renowned for canoeing and kayaking, are nestled within a remarkable natural setting. Lastly, the Rhône River marks the western border of the department, providing an ideal setting for cruises and the exploration of local wildlife and flora.

These watercourses, with their lush banks and crystal-clear waters, are perfect for nature getaways and a boat ride in the heart of the Drôme.

Ideas for boat rides in the Drôme

Here are some boat cruise ideas for your boating session in the Drôme, not far from our campsite:

  • Rhône River Cruise from Tournon-sur-Rhône: This boat cruise in the Drôme offers breathtaking views of vineyards and historic sites along the Rhône. It’s an opportunity to discover the rich history and natural beauty of the region.
  • Paddlewheel Boat Ride in Roussillon-Vercors on the Isère River: Sailing on the Isère, this paddlewheel boat offers a unique experience with spectacular views of the Vercors massif. This tranquil journey introduces you to the local wildlife, flora, and charming villages.
  • Boat Excursions in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans: Located at the confluence of the Isère and Bourne rivers, these boat excursions in the Drôme allow you to admire limestone cliffs and local fauna. It’s a unique experience that immerses you in stunning natural surroundings.
  • Three Castles Cruise to Valence with Les Canotiers: Embark on an exceptional cruise that will introduce you to the magnificent castles of the Valence region. This cruise provides a unique perspective on the historical and architectural heritage along the Rhône.
  • Paddlewheel Boat Cruise in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans: This cruise takes you on a journey through time. With your guide, you’ll discover the history of the Isère riverboatmen and enjoy breathtaking views of the Vercors cliffs. It’s an enchanted interlude in an exceptional natural setting.

Bateau dans la Drôme

Other water activities in the Drôme

The Drôme offers more than just boat rides. During your stay, you can discover or rediscover the joys of water activities.

A diverse range of water activities for all ages and skill levels is indeed possible in the Drôme. Canoeing and kayaking are particularly popular on the Drôme River and its tributaries, with routes suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

The Gorges de la Drôme are an ideal playground for thrill-seekers. They can engage in rafting and canyoning for an immersive experience in the region’s whitewater.

Those seeking a more tranquil experience can indulge in stand-up paddleboarding or enjoy the numerous lakes and bodies of water for swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing by the water’s edge.

The Drôme, with its clear waters and varied landscapes, is a prime location for water activities with family or friends!

So, whether it’s a boat ride in the Drôme or engaging in water activities, discover all the treasures of this unique department!